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The last year felt like a roller coaster to me. There was a lot of joy and new accomplishments and there was a lot of difficult challenges. What kept me going was laughter even in darkest moments. 2014 will be awesome. I feel it.
Having that said, KEEP ON DANCING!
Happy New Year!
❤ B Wilder

Models and Millionaires (English/German)

BWilder Trendmagazin

Actress and Journalist BarBara Wilder looks behind the scenes of Hollywood for the Switzerland based magazine “”. Her article about the beautiful meet the rich reveals some pretty unusual Online-Dating sites and talks about the model meat market while reaching for the stars.

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Actress, Journalist BWilder for Trendmagazin

Actress, Journalist BWilder for Trendmagazin

Of Models and Millionaires
by BarBara Wilder

Gym, diet, high heels, tight tops and hard-hitting muscles are a must in Hollywood to shine with the stars.

You can find beautiful girls on every corner in Hollywood. No wonder that the flirting rate is higher than any other city, with all this superficial beauty. The sexual atmosphere just gets combined with the seeking for fame and glory.
Beauty and wealth meet instinctively. The rich come to see the beautiful and  the beautiful to meet the rich. Like everywhere else people seek togetherness or, wait a minute, was it objective.

The concept of beautiful woman meets wealthy man seems a recipe for success since about ever and it for sure never gets old in Hollywood. Online Dating like “” or the L.A. based TV Show, Millionaire Matchmaker are on everyone’s lips. The superficiality seems hard to top but the website “” can manage. Successful men can offer a price to earn the right to take out a beautiful woman to a date and impress her with their choice of a fancy restaurant. She on the other side has only one duty, to look just fabulous. The dates seem less romantically but more like a business deal. The question remains, who is the one who gets taken advantage of, the big spender or the chosen decoration?

Apropos decorations. The meat market is very often in disguise as an industry event.
You gotta love the invites flowing in every pretty girls house, asking to join their so called Network Events.

Flashy Hollywood Hills Mansions, big enough that signs are leading you the way to bathrooms, jacuzzis and tennis courts. During the day often venue for tacky photo shoots and film sets transform to late night parties. Dozen of gorgeous girls from all over the world are posing for photographers and also for the male house guests joining in.

Pretty girls attract successful men. One catches mice with cheese.
Everybody gets what they deserve in Hollywood and that makes it kind of a fair trade in a very ironic way.

The question remains, is being beautiful necessary to succeed in this city and is being pretty enough to get an invite to the red carpets?
I saw girls coming and going and I saw a lot of tears flowing.
Bottom line, neither a good look nor wealth is a guarantee for achievement.
Hollywood looks like a big party with a bunch of free drinks but the bill always comes in the end.

Actress, Journalist BWilder for Trendmagazin

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Actress, Journalist BWilder for Trendmagazin